Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome Back

Every school year comes with it's own challenges, but this year seems a little bit harder than others. This year I have my oldest starting high school, which is a HUGE step (considering I feel like I'm still in high school)! My son is now in 7th grade, and younger daughter is in 4th. Then, my youngest is now starting kindergarten next week (why, oh why, do they have to wait until the 10th of September to start???)
The gap of the ages of my oldest and youngest really is quite glaring to me....high school and kindergarten!!! New beginnings but at totally different ends of the spectrum. High school is all about her friends and how her clothes look (love those uniforms)and trying really hard to find her classrooms. Kindergarten is all about playing and projects and recess. But, they both need reassurance, hugs, and a listening ear. Funny how even though they are nine years apart, they really need the same love, and reassurance.
The oldest was third in line to start school this year and I was gearing myself up for her homecoming (there was not enough chocolate in this house)but, she came and had a pretty good first day. The usual, some teachers she liked better than others, and which of her friends were with her, how short lunch was and how she almost got lost! I was waiting for more, for the usual emotional drama avalanche that accompanies my daughter. She has this great way about her that once she starts talking it becomes a monologue...and her voice becomes like all the adult characters in Charlie Brown...Wawa Waawa Waaa. I tune her out until I catch some word or phrase that peaks my interest and ask,"Wait, what did you say?", to which she get's very annoyed and asks me, "Weren't you listening?" Busted!
I will post later what happens on the first day for my kindergartner. I know I will need a lot of support for that one. I also start a new job that week too.
Welcome back to a new school year!