Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mother of the Year Award

.....And the award goes to...... NOT ME!

Reasons I will NOT get the Mother of the year award:

1: The word "no" is said more than any other words I say.

2: I threaten and don't follow through(most of the time).

3: I am the most happy when they are sleeping.

4: Bribery is my best weapon.

5: Use my bathroom time as a way of an escape.

6: My computer time is waaay longer than theirs.

7: I count the days (and sometimes hours) until they start school.

8: I do a dance on the first day of school (when they leave of course).

9: I act in a most embarrassing way (according to my teenage daughter) though I'm not sure what I've done

10: Kiss and hug my kids in public.(that might explain #9)

11: I overuse the word "maybe" to get them off my back until I say no.

12: I use food as an emotional band aid.

13: Make my kids do chores even when they complain.

14: Expect them to take responsibility for their behavior.

15: THE WORST OF ALL --- Make them say "sorry" to the person they hurt.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Momma Got A Job!

Thank you to those who gave me advice on the job seeking issue! (all 3 of you one day have so many followers!)
I found a job!! It literally fell in my lap!! I know, crazy huh? Especially in this job market!! I found it on facebook!! I know, right??? Now my husband can't say anything bad about facebook...HA!!
I started talking to someone every day at camp drop-off who was an acquaintance. We soon became facebook friends as well. One day she commented about her job on facebook, and I asked her about it (I was curious because I assumed for some reason that she didn't work). Well, one question led to another and BOOM, that was it, she asked me to come in and have an interview (she let me know that she does the hiring too).
So, here I am --- a working girl!! I haven't officially started yet, I am training on Sundays and will start after the kids start school. It really is a great opportunity for me, the hours are flexible, and she is very understanding of my situation with my mom being sick too.
So, that is the big news for now!! I just need to get through the next few weeks with the kids (and my mom) until school starts! HELP!!