Sunday, May 30, 2010


It's been almost 5 weeks since my surgery. The recovery is coming along. It's been very difficult (I'm sure most of you know) to lay low and let others help. I've had such a great support system. My husband has been amazing and patient with me. My kids have been good and mostly patient. My friends have been here for me more than I can even say. When I found out right before the surgery that the recovery would be 4-6 weeks I was shocked. Now, I understand. I still need to take it - is that ever difficult! Learning to listen to my body has been a new experience for me. I always would ignore my body. Ignore hunger, the need to sleep, pain etc.... Now, I have no choice. I must listen, and I am, even though it's difficult. There are some choices that I have to make now to make life more manageable - it won't be easy - but, once it's done, life will be a bit easier. Thanks for reading - hopefully I will be able to keep up my blog!