Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Homework Hustle

Every weeknight there is a race that we run in our house. It's us against Mr. Time and Mr. Patience. Who run's out first? You guessed it, Mr. Time and Mr. Patience.
There are three children who have homework to finish before bedtime and one child that needs to be put to bed at the same time. How do my husband and I accomplish this daunting task? I have two words: Divide and Conquer! (the "and" doesn't count, for those of you who are counting) We split up and try the best we can to get everything done in that small window of time. We sometimes have a "baton" race where I start one group out, and then hand him the "baton" at a later point and he finishes that task. By the end of our race we are like panting marathon runners needing a desperate rest. Mr. Time and Mr Patience are always breathing down our necks trying to get to us.
I can't say for sure who wins each night. I can say that we try each and every night to win that marathon even though the odds are against us.
I would like to make Time and Patience a gift to my children each and every day.

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