Thursday, October 15, 2009


I've had so much to write, but not enough time to write it. I've started about 5 million blog post's in my head...really I have. So, I thought that I would first post an update of sorts.
The kids started off school very nicely and they are for the most part, enjoying school. I am thrilled to pieces that they are all settled nicely and enjoying my new schedule. I am so insanely busy all day!! I have always had a busy schedule, but the way my time is used now is so completely different than before. I am working in the morning and then my afternoons are crammed with a gazillion errands and appointments!! My mom had another surgery three weeks ago, and is recovering her own apartment!!!! Although, I need to shop and visit her as often as I can.
I sometimes try to run (literally) to the store before work to get an errand accomplished. Many days, like today, I finally arrive home minutes before the kids come home. That means that all the laundry, dishes,etc are all waiting for me when I get home. By the time the kids (or at least some of them) are in bed, I am trying to catch up on the housework. Therefore, when will I ever have time to blog???? Right now I should be doing so many other things, but here I sit blogging with the chaos surrounding me!
That is the update in a nutshell....more later.....

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