Sunday, June 20, 2010

good vibrations

I truly believe that when a person puts out positive energy (or coupons) into the universe, they receive it back. My friend Julie calls me the coupon fairy b/c I often leave coupons that I don't need on the shelves at the store - and usually I am given a coupon during that same shopping trip by someone else. I know - totally weird. It happened again this past Thursday. I left a few coupons in the cereal isle, and at the end of my shopping trip, a total stranger came literally running after me to give me an EIGHT dollar off coupon!! The store was packed with people and he chose me to give it to - he even called out to me a few times - but I don't usually turn around when I hear someone call out "Miss!!" - finally I turn around and he's handing me this coupon!! He was out of breath from chasing me - he told me he was trying to get my attention! I was so excited that he gave it to me - I started telling him how I love coupons - but he just gave me the coupon and walked away. This is not the first time a total stranger has come over to me and given me a coupon. :)


  1. OMG Lisa those were your cuopons in the cereal aisle a couple of weeks ago????? I think I picked them up :-)

  2. It could have been me!! LOL!!