Monday, July 6, 2009

Am I a bad mom if I don't really miss my son while he is away at summer camp? The truth is he is not that far away...only 15 minutes. It's a sleep away camp that happens to not be far from our house. He left last Tuesday (so in my defense he hasn't been away even a week yet)and my husband came on Friday to take his dirty laundry. He called on Friday afternoon, I was very excited to talk to him and he sounded so happy! That makes me happy that he is content. I guess that is what it is....he's happy so I am not worried about him and I know that if I need to see him I can. He will be away a total of 4 weeks...just long enough I think. His sisters won't admit it, but they miss him and they were mad that when he called on Friday he didn't ask about them! It is definitely a different dynamic without him...the girls can't blame him for all the stuff that they do!
The other thing is, a few weeks before he left, my mom moved in to our house, and into his room. It made the most sense because he has a bathroom in there (I know! Lucky right? It's too small for a master bedroom..we don't have our own bathroom!)and it's more private. So, he had to move into the basement for a few weeks before camp. He wasn't happy to leave his room but he was ok. The reason I am explaining all this is because I am not walking into his room thinking that it's empty and I miss him. I only see my mom's things everywhere and don't identify that room as my son's.
Last week I was in the basement,and passed his room down there with all his stuff strewn all over the place.... I got kinda sad (almost weepy). I can't go in there yet to clean it up. OK, I feel better now, I do kinda miss him...kinda.


  1. I think the fact that he is 15 minutes away kinda changes things! I do NOT think it makes you a bad mom.

  2. Awwww... so sweet. Popping over from SITS to say hello. You were on roll call ahead of me today. My housework is suffering this week - I don't want to do it! Could use some help myself.

    Have a great day!!

  3. Nope, sounds like a normal Mom today. I enjoy my little mommy breaks!

  4. Im not a mom but I imagine it must be nice to have a little break and some "me" time :)

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  5. Nope, not a bad mom at all...I personally can't wait for the day my kids are old enough to spend a few weeks at summer camp :)

    Stopping by from SITS

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