Friday, July 24, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho ....It's Off to Work I GO!

Coming this fall, all my kids will be in school all day. Yowsers!! I can't believe it!! I am so excited to have the whole day ahead of me.....except that now I need to look for a job to pay for all the tuition! A job? Like in an office? With other adults? I haven't had an office job since....oh....almost 14 years ago! I was expecting my oldest, and as soon as I gave birth, I stopped working. I have had some very interesting and very different jobs.
My very first job was babysitting, I was a teenager and it made pretty good money. My last year of high school I worked at a Hallmark card store. That had to be my most favorite place to work! I loved helping people, I was allowed to decorate the front window for all the holidays(which I absolutely loved)and I got an awesome discount to which I used to get gifts for people. During college I worked at an optical store, where I helped with bookkeeping. Then I had the office job before I had my daughter.
Once I had my daughter, I stayed home with her until she was about a year old. A friend of mine convinced me to work at a nursery school as an aide, they offered free babysitting, how could I say no? I was already pregnant with my son and so later that spring I left. When he was six months old, the same friend (she always has good ideas)told me about another aide job, also with free babysitting! That worked out well for that school year, then the school closed down. I didn't work outside the home again until my third child was a toddler. I worked evenings and Sundays at a hat store. It was a little hectic because I would literally fly out the door as soon as my husband came home from work. This saved us on paying for babysitting, but it was kinda insane! That worked for us for about a year and then I changed venues completely. I wanted to be able to work at home and make my own hours. I worked for a company that you had to have parties to sell your product. At first I thought I would be able to do this, not really! It takes a certain person to be able to sell themselves and their product...I'm not that certain person. I tried, I really, really tried. I kept at it for about 5 years, then the company, out of the blue, shut down! I was relieved, because I didn't want to quit, I just couldn't admit that I wasn't successful!
So, now here I am looking for a job. What kind of job do I even look for? What skills do I have? Can I handle the stress of it all? My college degree is basically useless. How am I going to get a job in this job market?
If you have any advice, send it over!!


  1. Yikes! That can be scary..and hard, to find something you like. I wish I had some advice for you. Good lucka nd I hope you find something you love:)

  2. Well, you could put your name on the sub list at a bunch of schools. You will probably be called at the last minute a lot of the time, but eventually if you do a good job you will become a "regular" and they will let you know ahead of time about teacher absences so you can plan ahead. Depending on where you live you can make about 60-75 dollars a day. You wouldn't have to contribute for health care since you'd be part time plus you'd be home when your kids get home from school.

    It's just an idea! Hope it works out for you!

    Just stopping by from SITS. Have a great day!

  3. i don't think i have any good advice but us working moms need to stick together!!