Thursday, July 2, 2009

Supermarket Smackdown

Seriously, what is wrong with the baggers at my grocery store? Why, why, why must they pack my bags in that moronic way? Why must I have to re-pack my bags once I get to the car? I'll tell you's because their sole purpose in life is to aggravate me!
I'm a little keyed up, I realize that. I'm a little controlling, I realize that as well. I also really enjoy grocery shopping until it's time to check out. As soon as I see THAT bagger, you know who you are, I cringe. Oh's HER! The one who puts the freezer items next to a box of crackers so that the crackers become a wet mess...the one who puts the eggs on the BOTTOM of the bag...the one who makes me insane with anger!!
My problems with baggers all started years ago when we lived in an apartment on the second floor and I had three little ones with me. It was much easier for me when the bags where packed so that the cold items could be together and taken upstairs first with the screaming children and then later either I or my husband(preferably husband)could go and get the non-perishable items.
The grocery store supposedly teaches the baggers to separate the items as to perishable and non-perishable...ummmm...not really! I've had to call the manager more than once to complain because I thought I had brought in the bags that needed refrigeration only to find later that one item was left in the other bags. That item was spoiled. I got a replacement, but I had to go back to the store to get it. Not a happy camper. Each and every time I had this happen I went over the "rules" with the manager and I was told that yes, they are supposed to separate these items.
Then, the store came out with these new recyclable bags. I was thrilled, not because I was helping the environment, but because they had separate bags!! One that was for cold items and one for regular items! They even came in different colors to make it really clear! Clear for everyone except the baggers!!!! I have the same problem even with the new bags!! The baggers still can't get it right!! Morons!! Will they ever get it right? I am destined to a life of idiot baggers who live only to ruin my day! :(


  1. ha!! i oversee the packing of my bags religiously...the checkers at the market probably hate me!

  2. i've been meaning to comment for a while now-but for some reason i have a hard time leaving a comment (i usually choose a name/url as my choice when leaving comments on other blogs). i really hope you are doing ok, it seems like you have more than a lot on your plate. let me know if there is anything i can do!!! i love reading your blog!!

  3. That is why I love to go through the check out myself lane! I hate the way they pack my bags.

  4. ok, now i feel better, i'm not the only one!

  5. I feel bad for getting annoyed with the but geesh, how hard is it?