Wednesday, June 10, 2009

As of Sunday Momma has moved in with us....this is just a continuation of the last post really. She went home (much to my pleading) Thursday night only to fall, yet again, in the middle if the night. At 2:30 Friday morning (it ain't my morning) my son ran into my room with the phone telling me she called. She hurt her to the emergency room! Oh, what fun it was!
At least the E.R. was empty, but it actually made it really creepy to be there. It was like a bad scary was eerily quiet at 3:00 am and my mom was either sleeping or talking incoherently to me (which of course no one noticed but me...even creepier). I literally thought that I was going batty! My mom had been acting this way since I had picked her up. Either she would start saying something and stop and then forget what she was saying or she would just say things and they wouldn't make sense. The worst was when she started telling me something but she was referring to me in the third person....SCARY!! None of the doctors or nurses noticed this bizarre behavior...JUST ME! She asked for pain medication and the nurse was going to give her but I stopped him and told him that she had taken pain medication only 2 hrs prior....OMG.. can you imagine if I wouldn't have been there??
A few hours later and 4 broken bones in her foot, they admitted her for the weekend. I was relieved, she really needed more care than I could have given her then. They tested her for seizures and epilepsy because of her falling and confusion. Those tests thankfully came out fine, but her falling is a side effect of the chemo making her so weak. Also, the pain meds make her loopy sometimes.
So, for now she is living here, we are not sure what will be...just taking it day by day.


  1. Oh honey.

    The good news is your box is finally addressed and almost out my door - bright spot coming!!

  2. Man, that's rough! It's so hard to see family members go through these kind of trials. I hope your mom's doing better! And I hope you have a better day!!

  3. thank you for your kind words! i could use some right now!