Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dinner Dilema

Dinner. It is the bane of my existence. I need to know what I am preparing for dinner early in the day...sometimes I even try to plan the night before! When I don't know what we are having for dinner, my day is not a happy one..neither is anyone else around me.
Oh, I have the regulars I prepare...ya know, macaroni, anything with pasta, and noodles with cheese of course. It's those days where my mind goes blank and my family is sick of pasta(I am sooo offended). I also get stuck up a creek when I have decided what we are having, and become filled with glee for having figured that out, when I realise that I am missing one or even some of the ingredients!!! Back to the drawing board...pasta anyone??
I know people who are so organized that they plan their meals in advance...I hate those people..and even shop and freeze meals weeks in advance...I really hate those people!
I wish I could be that organized, the best I can do is once a week I use the crock pot(frozen chicken = hello dinner).
Does anyone have any suggestions? family begs you from the bottom of their heart to help their mommy....for the love of all that is easy and yummy!


  1. I was just thinking recently about how I need to become more domestic. My little dude is about to turn one and I really need to start cooking meals for him. I think I'm the only SAHM whose hubs cooks. I'm such a slacker.

  2. I know you said you hate people who plan their meals, but I've been doing it for years now and it has changed my life. When the flyers come out (Wed. night), I open a bottle of wine and go through what's on sale. Then I plan one or two crockpot meals, a "fancy" meal, a frozen, prepared meal and round it out with a couple of salad meals. It's really so easy and makes all the difference. I don't hold myself as to which day gets what meal, but it's more a guideline. Also, get a grill pan - it's amazing what you can come up with to go with grilled chicken breast.

  3. I love cooking....but I hate dinner!! I feel your pain sister! There's a cookbook called Saving's amazing! easy recipes and easy planning! Stopped by from SITS....come say hi anytime! good luck!