Thursday, June 4, 2009

I will Survive

Today has been A DAY. How do I explain? Where do I start? I'll start at my usual rude awakening of being asked at 6:00 am by my 4 year old to play on the computer. The next thing I know it's 7:15 and I need to leave at 7:30 to take my 9 year old daughter to the bus..AAAGGHHHH! I jump out of bed and panic because today I need to leave the house at 7:30 for the day....I don't have time to come back and finish getting ready. That means the 4 year old needs to be dressed and all her things ready for school and me dressed and ready in less than 15 minutes!!
We were at that bus at 7:30!! Then as soon as the 9 year old was off, the 4 year old and I went grocery shopping and then off to her first OT appointment by 9:00 am. On the way to the store my 12 year old son called from back at the house that he somehow missed the bus(not sure how because he left at 7:10)and wanted me to take him to school. I told him that I couldn't take him(school is very close)because I needed to go shopping then. He was not happy about that answer and said that he wasn't going to school...Oh I don't think so mister..get yourself to school by foot or bike! I won that argument!
After OT I dropped the little one off at school and went home to meet my friend whose kids I babysit 3 times a week. She needed to bring them earlier than usual today so I raced home. A half hour later with 2 toddlers (18 months and 3 years) playing in the backyard I was talking to my mom on the phone -- when mom fell. I heard her yell and I knew it wasn't good...she said she was ok, but couldn't get up.(cue the commercial..I've fallen and I can't get up..I used to laugh at that commercial-not any more) I grabbed the kids and ran to help mom. When I got there she was still on the floor waiting by the door. I got her up and settled and then called the doctor to find out what to do. I took her back to my house for the day. Getting her, the two kids and mom's dog all to the car was a scene! I was holding the dog's leash, the bags, and trying to hold the little one's hand while my mom was using her walker and walking with the other child. We got home and with 3 minutes to spare until my 4 year old was being dropped off from school. Whew!! I put the baby in for a nap and tried to help my mom get settled at my house.
It was a long afternoon....taking care of mom, the babysitting kids and my youngest daughter. Seriously, there are days that I don't know how I survive!


  1. gosh, i'm tired just listening to this!!! but, seriously- I was at your house that day and it was so chaotic!! help!!!!!!! :) lol

  2. Yikes. I'm exhausted just imagining it.