Monday, June 1, 2009

Gone...but not Forgotten?

I was out the whole the entire day yesterday, yes it's true! From 10:30 - 7:30!! I knew I'd be gone a while but it ended up that by the time I came home, my youngest was sleeping. Wow, my husband had all four by himself all day and wasn't even grumpy when I came home!! He really gets extra points for taking my mom out with them too!
My friend who was with me took turns calling our husbands at home to check on's called(sorry honey)the guiltometer call. It is where our guilt is rated according to our husband's patience level with the kids and us. It is a very tentative moment....what kind of voice will we hear? Will it be door number one...good vibrations, or door number two...all hell is breaking loose? We were so happy and relieved to hear only good vibrations coming from our homes!! There was something in the air yesterday...and whatever it was, it was good!!
We had a lot of fun, but we were still feeling guilty about not being at home.
After I got home and saw that everything was going well, I thought...did they miss me? I know that it sounds silly, of course they missed me, but because they were fine without me does that mean that they didn't need me? Again, I know that it sounds foolish to even think it....but I did.
I saw my lone plate left at the table sitting there mocking me...I should have been home for dinner... Should have? I get stuck in the "shoulda,woulda, coulda" evil thoughts that make my guilty conscience take over me.
How was their dinner without me? Does it matter? I do know one thing...I am going to try to stop feeling guilty about whatever I'm doing. To enjoy the moment..ahh who am I kidding? I feel guilty right now that I should be making phone calls instead of writing this post!!
Oh well,as my daughter says...WHATEVER!


  1. Mommy guilt. Isn't it the best? I've left my little dude to go out of town twice. Both times the first night it was like woo hoo it's PARTY time. The next night....I misssssssssssed him!