Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

I have big plans for today! My sister and I are taking my mom out for lunch and the we are hosting my in-laws for dinner (only 20 people!). I hope everyone will be in good moods today....especially my mom....ya never know what will happen! I guess she keeps me on my toes!
My mom was diagnosed with cancer in January and it's been a very rough road. We hope that she will be with us for many more years, but the reality of her diagnosis is not as optimistic. We take every day as it comes and her attitude is good for the most part. I have always taken care of her in some way my whole life (long story)but now she needs more care than ever. I am her primary caretaker (along with my sister) and some days it becomes very overwhelming. I am constantly balancing her needs with my four young children and husbands needs. I now understand the "sandwich generation" saying so very well!
I am doing the best I can, at least that is what I tell myself everyday. Every day is really a gift, though some days it is harder to see than others!
I plan on enjoying the day with my kids, mother, and mother -n-law!! I have so much to be thankful for!! Enjoy your day too!

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  1. Wonderful article! I hope Mothers' Day is wonderful and peaceful for you, your sister,mom , hubby and kids!