Monday, May 18, 2009

Ready For Take Off

Wow! My oldest just left today to go on her eighth grade trip, and I miss her so much!! It's funny that my husband and I had the same reaction when we said goodbye to her today. She said goodbye to me first while I was half asleep in the pre-dawn hours... as soon as I heard the door close, I panicked...OMG I just let her go!! I didn't give her a proper goodbye...I won't see her for 3 days!! I didn't make sure she brought everything....etc.
My husband took her at this insane hour to the school for drop off, and had the same reaction, as soon as he left he realized what a big deal this was!
We talked later and shared our similar reaction together...we were all growing up!!
I was lucky enough to receive a call from her while she was on the train, and after that, I felt better knowing she was having such a blast!!
It is so hard to let go......
My youngest might go to a school next year that is a much longer day because of the commute...I'm not sure I'm ready for her to go. It means a new chapter for me as well, it would be the first time that I wouldn't have anyone at home with me since the day I became a mom 13 years ago! I have had my kids close enough together that when one goes full day, I still have one at home even half day.
My little one is going in a few days to see this school and go on the bus with her older sister to try it out. I'm only having minor chest pains.....
It is so much worse when it is the youngest, I never thought I would be like this. I am always pushing my kids to the next level and secretly wishing for this new stage of having the day all ALONE!!
But now that this is a reality...I'm not sure I'm ready.


  1. my one and only is in 8th grade... nearby boarding school for boys next year... I think I need to get pregs. OK WAIT.

    I think I need to date, and then have another baby.


  2. lol...probably a good idea to date first!!