Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time Flies When Your Having Fun

My oldest is graduating from elementary school in a few weeks! High school is just around the corner! I remember when she was born.....older, and wiser mothers said that time will fly- that I should enjoy every moment. I just nodded with my eyelids at half mast from sleep deprivation. Now of course, in hindsight I see that indeed, time flew.

She is now 13 and ready to start on her new stage of entering high school. I too am entering a new stage called mom of teenagerhood. With this new stage I now have to learn to step back and keep my mouth shut. I stand to the side and watch as a bystander now.....not like before when she would trail behind me as a little one.
I need to sit and listen to her more than she needs to listen to me.

Months ago her school started planning the 8th grade trip. I immediately told her I wanted to chaperon....her response was less than enthusiastic. She told me, trying to be sensitive, that she would rather I not go. I was happy and sad at the same time. I was happy that she was ready to tell me that it was time to be more independent(I might embarrass her). I was sad....because I couldn't go on this awesome trip....(white water rafting, people!).

Growing up is hard ......for both of us! Time is flying.....and I'm having so much fun!


  1. We are cut from the same mold. Very particular when it comes to our noses. :)
    Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my sits day today! I had ginormous fun.

  2. I LOVE that your sadness was that you were missing the chance to white water raft!
    I need to take a leaf out of your book.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.