Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Waiting Game

I hate waiting. I hate waiting for results of tests at the top of my "hating to wait" list.
My mom is going for further testing this week to see if the cancer has spread to the lungs too. We are scheduled to go to the oncologist the next day to find out the results....I HATE WAITING!
I try to stay upbeat for her. She knows that I'm trying...I know that she knows I'm trying...but its very difficult. I had a health crisis myself almost 3 years ago and I can sympathize with her...sort of. My health crisis was not as difficult as my mom's is....I had a much better prognosis and today I am (Thank G-d)cured. The prognosis for mom is not as good. She's stage four and older...but she's fighting it with everything she's got(the chemo has taken almost everything).
I'm watching her wasting away to practically nothing...
We sit at doctors offices and...wait. Take tests and ....wait. Call the doctor and .....wait.
She finally told me the other day that she is willing to go for a second opinion. I have been asking her for months! This will require more tests and more waiting...but if that is what we need to do...
I'll wait at any doctor....wait for any test results...wait as long as I need to...whatever it takes to beat the evil cancer.

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  1. [HUGS] My prayers are with you and your Mom during this difficult time. Be sure to enjoy every single second that you have together - even while you're "waiting".

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    Happy Memorial Day!